Welcome to the Sharp Point!

I am Tammy Sharp, though sometimes I am a little dull, especially in the mornings before I’ve had coffee. However, I could not simply have a punnable name and not use it, whether the name is accurate or not. 

So, this is my maiden post, as in my maiden voyage, into the blogosphere. I have high hopes and dreams for blogging; we shall see what the future holds. I’m still trying to figure out the technical side of things, so please bear with me.

I’m also still trying to figure out, beyond just trying things on for size, what exactly I’d like this blog to be about. See, I have ideas for other blogs, but I felt like I needed a trial run before I started on those, and this is the trial run. It may or may not have staying power.

But I do invite you back to visit often, as I foresee that my learning how all this blogging works may take at least a couple of weeks. By then I may have decided to keep this one around. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll have a few interesting thoughts to share along the way.

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